317/641 Impozzes Dicing! Working Torva/Pernix/Vitrus/Elysian&Divine Effect!+More


How can i change up?


send me link


nice release m8! might use for a lil project!


Really cool


Shit base is shit.
All he did was add some commands. This kid acts like everyone loves this shit. Its just TorvaPkz with a few snippets added, and on top of it all, its programmed by two of the most ignorant programmers I’ve ever seen. They both think they are amazing at it, when in reality, they both suck. Actually do something in your next base, then release it, until then, don’t even bother.


if i run the server i can’t enter it becuz it automaticly runs on the ip :
How can i change this?


everythings working great just one question, how do i set my characters rights?


Iirc, data>characters>%player name%.txt>character rights = %right number%


Can i have link to play?


Nice work downloaded :wink:


Sick source. I can’t get it to run and i change all of the jdk’s :c


really nice ill try it out i sould like it lol


Yeah, i can’t connect no matter what. PM for the reply please.


Looks GooD!


i liek ur name.


hey its my first time posting eurm :expressionless: im running the server and then the client and i try to login then it says error connecting to server.


this doesnt work for me is keep getting cannot connect can anyone help me? sry i am new here


Source works perfectly for me but the client load to , but if i will log in it cant connect to log in server


How do I change the bank at the top? It says The Bank of Teamtorva but I cannot find that when I search the client and source? Can anybody help me with this issue?


[quote=“g0d of war1, post:180, topic:418229”][quote author=greyzel24 link=topic=520774.msg3965193#msg3965193 date=1333649859]
if anyone knows how to help me i would greatly appreciate it. I downloaded the source and the client. i run the server and start the client. the client loads but when i try to log in it says error connecting to server. what do i do :frowning:
[/quote] Change the ip in client.java and put it to; for local-hosting if you just want to test it out. If you want to host it then change it to your ip. So, open client.java and hit Ctrl+F and type in server keep clicking it until you see an ip there you go. Start leeeching :|[/quote]
I tried looking for “server” in client.java but it is no where to be found!