317/641 Impozzes Dicing! Working Torva/Pernix/Vitrus/Elysian&Divine Effect!+More


I wish it was 562 source


How do i make my self owner? I got it to work and made a account and it will let me log in and out but when I go to charecters in data it I am not there? PLEASE HELP!?!?! I will DONATE


Im Back Everyone! Lolz


Leave! Lolz


Now my life is complete


so how do i edit my player like his rights and how many donor points and pk points he has. I checked both character files but there were no accounts.

plzz help im new to this


[quote=“JavaTC, post:105, topic:418229”][quote author=totalystylin1 link=topic=520774.msg3810292#msg3810292 date=1320849824]
Im Back Everyone! Lolz
Now my life is complete[/quote]



how do you extract to your c:?


Not bad but there are soooo many [pi]'s its getting dumb come on ppl lets make a full 641 or 639/668 even better for super smarties… a 668 :slight_smile:


lol. yah. im accually working on 1 now. :smiley: Soon To Be Released!


an [pi] or 639 loading 668???.. ect?? if you release give me v1 first im tired of all the bugs on my eclipse i have done so much t it but its starting to get frustrating…




Don’t bump an expect comments old is still old.


loads of snippets on a pi? sorry to be honest


Thanks… :D… >.>


I do not like TeamTorva’s Client or Source, very sloppy piece of work.
E.G. Its hard for noobs to find Server IP and where Characters save into.




bump for dicing :expressionless:


how i change ip?


source sided: server.java client sided: client.java