317/641 Impozzes Dicing! Working Torva/Pernix/Vitrus/Elysian&Divine Effect!+More


Dude this is fucking awesome! :eek: I am so using this! TY!!! I would rep, but I can’t…ty though!!
Edit: How do you train summoning and dungeoneering??? :confused: :confused:




…no comment


Look top level not 138 and no high helth :frowning: http://prntscr.com/50sml


The torva and other armors are not giving me the 140 hp…


Hi, i want to know something, I try making my staff hidden, How do i do it? i gave them char rights code 6 and it said in the quest tab @ the rank it said “owner” but he couldn’t kick. how do i make hidden Staff


I used this source for my server which I shut down last night… it was up for about a week and a half, got kinda successful, but honestly, after adding a bunch of stuff, and coding this every single day I had it… I don’t recommend it. I remember there’s a lot of shit this guy’s fucked with and it’s really not stable. And I found out later that a lot of commands are set to c.playerRights >=3… commands like (“xxxhp”) and (“xxxpray”)… well that was bad for my server.


[quote=“Loveandpower, post:20, topic:418229”][quote author=totalystylin1 link=topic=520774.msg3783250#msg3783250 date=1318651230]

so true

There are stable PI’s out there
There are also PI"s out there that have good skilling(jks only mine lol)[/quote]

Um i really want to play this sever but when i try to log in it says error connecting to sever uhh please help me u can pm me or reply ty :))


Get the fuck out Mr. Appreciation


I’m still wondering how this got so much attention. It’s a generic PI that no one really plays.


[quote=“JavaTC, post:150, topic:418229”]I’m still wondering how this got so much attention. It’s a generic PI that no one really plays.[/quote]I wonder the same thing…final judgement didn’t get no attention but torvapkz did and there was nothing new in torvapkz :confused:


[quote=“JavaTC, post:16, topic:418229”][quote author=Teh_Noob link=topic=520774.msg3783244#msg3783244 date=1318651060]
Everything about Pi is crappy… let me think of a way to say this… Pi’s will always be crappy until someone makes them un-crappy <----- Good enough?

I never call PI crappy, but more or less a pking/combat type source rather than a all-around source.[/quote]

thats why I go with them - skilling is boring, pking is amazing


I agree with you love how the hell torva and this garbage get attention and final didnt? torva is the same thing no diffrence


you should link me


when ima tryiNG TO DO “::Dice” it says “error command”


what Torva virtus etc code??


I have a problem, when i run the client, it starts to load then gives me this error: http://prntscr.com/5bdsg I have done everything u need to do, changed the client ip and extracted the cache to my C:/ Drive, and ran the server. and i have the right JDK. Please Help!


stop bumping all these old releases >.<


how do i change shops on this source


oh yeah! finely a epic server…