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New client is now available there shouldn’t be anymore blackscreen issues.

Summoning is also fixed pouches can now be used



Just a couple small updates this week I was busy with university couple of assignments to do for programming class, didn’t have much time to finish the rest of our updates.


  • Divination is back
  • Divination adds to your total level now
  • slayer tower fixed Teleports also fixed
  • New starters are now spawned at Ashdale
  • Re-did our ranking system
  • Squeal of Fortune odds adjusted you won’t be getting rares ever other spin now


some of you guys told me the picture qualities were bad so I redid them hope they look better


Just had the thread re done thanks to pase from rune-server awesome work.


Divinvation is updated
You can now use the energy rifts to convert memories/energies
You now require level 90 divination to enter prifddinas rift


Hey guys Exylum will be having a small event tomorrow to kick off our eco.
Our eco is currently very scarce with the help and contributions from some of our players we will be holding a fun drop party and side event held by the players.
Dont miss out

and some small server updates

  • Divination updated you can now use the rifts to convert energy and memories to XP
  • Prifddinas divination in progress rift is functional currently working on light energy
  • Updated Dual Wielding
  • Fixed a couple null pointers

Araxxor combat script done paths are coming soon


Like Artful said we are back. We have been spending these last two months preparing the server to be as stable as possible to allow players to experience the best possible game play.

I realize we have been down for a while, and I would like to apologize to all those dedicated players that were enjoying the server, and continued showing support throughout. You may not all know, but I am in school still in my third year, I just recently finish exams ending the school year off, and now I have a ton of time to work on the server. Below is just a small list of what we have accomplished since my return from school from mid April to June 23.

Updates 2016/05-06/23
-Added Kalphite King
-Added Ascension Dungeon
-Added Araxxor
-Added Hefin Agility
-Legendary Pets Available
-Boss Pets drop from a majority of bosses
-Hefin Agility gives proper XP now
-Require 77 Agility now instead of 87 to access hefin agility
-Cutscene’s throughout the course fixed
-Serenity polls finished but developer access only for the time being
-Legio are now able to deal damage to players
-Doors for ascension dungeon fixed
-Vorago Instance fixed
-All phases of vorago added
-Fixed the issue with being unable to jump on vorago’s back
-Vorago Bring down phase fixed the bar will not get stuck at 25% anymore
-Fixed Kalphite King Attacks
-Removed Kalphite King instances for a while to fix boss instancing
-Started dung rooms - puzzels
-Fixed ALL item bonuses/stats
-Fixed drops throughout ascension dung and all new RS3 bosses
-Fixed Equipment tab
-Fixed vorago animations
-Fixed bank issue with depositing
-You no longer lag continuosly while banking
-Finally finished onspot duel you no longer get nulled after duel
-Majority of nullpointers throughout server fixed
-Started player cutscene
-Work on rise of six started just need to finish controller
-New projectile system added
-Ironman bugs fixed
-GWD npc spawns fixed
-GWD doors fixed you can access the bosses with a 40 killcount now

Before you guys say anything about the vorago I know the picture was taken on MX3 at the time, but all the features are working the same on exylum now.

I know pictures aren’t always the best, and so I will be capturing videos to show the actually content in action.

These are only a couple of updates I had written down as we did them
I will be posting a lot more updates to come, and a sneak peak to one of our newest updates :stuck_out_tongue: (Has to do with Ashdale in the dark)

I’d like to thank everyone that helped me out when I was stuck or just plain needed help.
[URL=http://“https://www.rune-server.org/members/cjay0091/”]Cjay0091[/URL] - Way to much to say lol
[URL=http://“https://www.rune-server.org/members/nosz/”]Nosz[/URL] - Hefin
[URL=http://“https://www.rune-server.org/members/hc747/”]Hc747[/URL] - Hefin
[URL=http://“https://www.rune-server.org/members/jtlr+frost/”]JTlr Frost[/URL] - Projectiles/Bosses

Really appreciate the help from these lovely fellows,they’ve helped me learn a lot from my mistakes, and failures, and because of their help Exylum has progressed further.

Our current Developer team


Updates 06/25/2016
-Legendary Pets
-Most bosses will drop the Boss pets
-Fixed nullpointer with items
-Rise Of The Six Minigame Finished
-Brothers HP still at 1HP for developer use
-Fixing the destroy map method
-Global NPC almost done
-Some boss pets can be found from home after reaching Level 90 in skills (Divination, Assassin, Dungeoneering)
-Hefin Agility Light Creature added at the end - Ready for player use