Rune-Blaze has been recently released. We focus mainly on the development of the community and economy and make sure our players are getting the best performance in which they can possibly obtain. We provide a friendly, and diverse community. We do not affiliate ourselves with other private servers, and do not compete with others.

[B][U]Why would you want to join?[/U][/B]

We listen to the community. The community is the most important part of any game or server and on Rune-Blaze you will find yourself in one of the best RSPS communities. We also need excellent staff, and we work every day to improve Rune-Blaze. Rune-Blaze is an economy server.

There are many features in-game, and you can see a list below and link with all the links needed to play.

[B][U]Join the Server Today! We’re always looking for Staff! The server recieves daily updates, we’re also open to any future suggestions.[/U][/B]

[URL=http://“http://rune-blaze.net84.net/”] Home[/URL]
[URL=http://“https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/76220583/Rune-Blaze.jar”] Download[/URL]

[COLOR=#00FF00]green = complete[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#FF8C00]orange = in progress and started[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#FF0000]red = not started[/COLOR]

-All Godwars Bosses
-Queen Black Dragon
-Corporal Beast
-Tormented Demons
-Kalphite Queen[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#00FF00]-Fully scripted Fight Caves (All 63 waves)
-Fully scripted Fight Kiln
-Dominion Tower
-Fight Pits
-Castle Wars
-Mage Arena.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#00FF00]100% Meele System
100% Ranged System
100% Prayer System
100% Magic System
100% Hitpoints System
100% Defence System[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#00FF00]-Completed cities: Lumbridge, Al Kharid, Draynor, Port Sarim…
-friends chat with changing ranks and kicking players
-Over 50 accessible monster loctions, dungeons, etc. all completed with objects and npcs.
-Money pouch implementation to everything including shops, dialogues, etc.
-Unreal graphics. You’ll be blown away!
-Fullscreen for amazing view of our server.
-Amazing content for an enjoyable experience.
-Terrific skilling for all those lvl3 skillers
-The newest items to show off to your buddies!
-Crystal key chest
-Runescape report, with mod muting
-Runescape notes
-proper music tab with adding songs to favourites and removing.
-Money pouch
-Good Economy.
-Old and new items look
-charm drops to all NPC’s
-All latest items now have bonuses
-trimmed Completionist cape requirements
-beginner tutorial
-Lot’s more![/COLOR]

[SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Black]Pictures will be added soon ![/FONT][/SIZE]