Aposbot.com down

Hey folks…
Does anyone know what’s going on, I can seem to find any information apart from the obvious that it’s down. It’s been down for like a week now.

aren’t you that little wank that went on the forums to whine about me breaking npcs on w2

It would be a real disappointment if APOSbot didn’t come back. Even though that website was oriented towards cheating, they weaved together a marginal percentage of what remains of the RSC community.

Disagree, APOSbot was the cancer killing RSC.

It was a gaming community of rejects brought together by a desire to not actually play games. They are the kind of people that would suggest Jagex shut down RSC because their bot stopped working. Just a bunch of losers with nothing better to do that permanently ruined RSC so they could pointlessly AFK and duel each other for botted gp.

I registered on their site a few weeks ago after bugging NPCs on Classic 2, found a thread by OP here asking why his bot stopped working, posted and claimed responsibility, was immediately banned and all posts deleted, and subsequently saw false info being posted. Probably so they could safeguard their productive society member job security. Seeing their site down is very amusing.

The rsc community needs a new home. Either here or reddit would be ideal imo.

Reddit would be a pretty safe avenue for us.

Here would be awesome, if that did happen. :slight_smile:

There’s nobody here though, and I feel like this site is less discoverable than a mildly popular subreddit.