Consider making the old 'internal' cheating section public

This is primarily for Moparisthebest’s consideration.

Can you consider making the internal cheating section public? There’s no real benefit in continued secrecy given that the discussions/developments aren’t really ongoing, but there were a lot of interesting discussions that people might enjoy reading.

I also suspect that enough time has passed that the people who made the posts there won’t feel any kind of loss.

This seems like a great suggestion considering how dated everything is in those sections.

I am sure a lot of people would enjoy reading these discussions. Maybe it may even spark some new developments?

I was actually thinking the same thing, I already made public a few of the old private sections via merging. It is funny how stuff that seemed so important to keep secret in 2006 just doesn’t matter at all now, like deciding on an SRL leader amd hosting location haha. @lothy @silabsoft would you mind helping me run through the remaining private section to make sure nothing super sensitive is in there?

I’m about to call it a night, but I might be able to look through some stuff tomorrow after work.

You have access now, let me know. :slight_smile:

The only thing I might consider removing and i’m not even sure if the topic is still around is of the one where the Jagex employee was posting here. I don’t know if hes still an employee with Jagex but I don’t think that should be in complete public view.

Pretty much everything else was riding the pplzsuqsbawls train anyway.

After taking a look at the topic titles and browsing through a few I see nothing that should remain private most of the details are quite dated at this point but some really cool stuff is still available and usable to those who are interested in the subjects

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Can I get my old research from the Mopar server development section too?

I think I merged that into the Runescape category? Check Categorygeddon, reorganizing categories to be sure.

I removed about 5 what I would deem questionable-to-be-public threads, let me know if you see anything else @lothy and we’ll go ahead and make it public. Thanks @silabsoft for running through it.

I’m done. Nothing stood out to me in terms of not being fit for public release. There’s some drama in there, but that’s all part of the history really.

Thanks! Everyone can see it now :slight_smile: