DanWord v1.0 | By Daniel. C


Umm, thanks.
[/quote]Do you even know what "All rights reserved" means xD.

He sort of used it correctly, though it's still un-needed and he was probably just trying to feel special by putting it in.

I don't even think this could be copyrighted. There's probably a million clones of this program.

Feel special? Why would i want to do that? And this community is quite shit due to the fact that no one gives hardly anyone else respect![/quote]We would give you respect if you earned it.


Nope, that was me who fucked it.


Nope, that was me who fucked it.
Damn... go quit.[/quote]
Why would I quit?
I am your elite.


nice job


<3 Props for using pwnds.info


Actually, being an rtf editor, this'd be more like wordpad than ms word...


I cant see a reason to see this over Microsoft word - However, for a 3rd project, and remember Microsoft Worrd was probably made by 100’s off peoples ideas all together, all working on it, this guys on his own, so stop slagging him off, he’s done well, least hes setting higher ambitions for himself rather than sticking to something he’s already good at.
[center] Gravedigging.[/center]


Little late maybe?


lol, reminds me of my name
[center] Read post below[/center]


[quote=“danward, post:29, topic:223593”]lol, reminds me of my name
[center] Read post below[/center][/quote]

lol, reminds me of your name


Is it called insanity when one refers to themselves in the third person?

Ah, what memories this brings back to me. lol.


nice bump, but c|pWord was lightyears ahead of this piece of junk




I beg to differ.

First in, best dressed.