Has anyone used Cloudsouth.com or heard anyone talk about them

They have really good dedicated server prices but I see far too little reviews around the web to make any judgement. http://www.cloudsouth.com/ the website looks shit but the specs they are offering on dedicated servers are amazing for the price.

Never worked with them to be honest, they’re probably too good to be true.

Highly doubt that, I’ve been in the industry for years and in my experience with colo’ing and / or renting servers is I’d say pretty seasoned.

IMO the first thing you should look at is are the dedicated servers customization-enabled builds, can you add additional IPs without getting them leased ( at the 1.00 or below rate, ) and because it’s in florida, I’d look and see how the Hurricanes might affect that particular area in the past few years and in the future. I lived in Jacksonville FL, and I can tell you when I ran my servers at a colo in Metro - downtown a hurricane busted all the windows and my servers were inaccessible even if I drove over there. & it stayed that way for a week or two, which could be costly to your projects, clients etc.

OH! Another piece of advice, CONTACT THEM!!!

They have a toll-free number, US / INT’L and a local address and of course good old fashioned e-mail and ticketing system. Just ask a few easy questions that are more than likely obvious and see there response. Was it professional, well mannered or was it quick and snappy.

& the pricing is great, especially for that small of a DC. BUT a few things throw me off, no bandwidth pricing? As well as the DC hardware ( the actual backend stuff, ) looks mega outdated, get with the times people!!! ( not you, but the DC. )

I’ll edit my post later on with more thoughts. If I were to say the actual servers are good or not… I’d say yes, they’re nice builds.

My fav is https://www.heartinternet.uk/vps - they’re slighty higher in price but the quality and service is flipping amazing!

Any website that ugly is not worth it. Probably has no proper support either. Just look for deals on WHT…

Oh and since link dropping is cool https://turnkeyinternet.net/