Help with Server Cache


I am having some problems with my Client being able to be ran on another computer.

Within the File I downloaded, it came with the Client/Source/Cache & an Auto-Cache Downloader.

I put the Cache in the C:Drive but left the Auto-Cache in the Folder as I am unsure what to do with it.

I got told to edit my but I still do not fully understand what to edit for it to successfully work.

I’m really confused with what I need to do with my Cache and what is the point in this Auto-Cache Downloader?

All thanks will be highly appreciated. I’ve only recently started working with RSPS and Java and am looking to gain some experience.

Yeah so basically what an “auto cache-downloader” does is allow the server owner to update the cache files when the client needs to.

signlink does more than i understand, but the part youre talking about is where the java class tells the client ( to look for the cache.

if your auto cache downloader thing downloads to point X the client needs to look in point X to read the cache file.

its honestly just a few strings that need to be changed. you should be able to find them if you have any sense