Linux - IPTables


I use to use CentOS 6 to host my Runescape Classic server. Although I wasn’t good with IPTables I managed to block a decent amount of bad traffic.

Now I put a new RSC Server back up on a Windows Server 2003 5 months later, now someones on a DDoS Spree. Switching from Staminus, they were doing 3-4GBPS Attacks.

I then switched to a new host that can handle 10GBPS Attacks. I’m still on a Windows Server and I want to switch to a CentOS 6 server again because IPTables and it can eb configured better against attacks.

I’m now getting hit with 14GBPS Attacks, which is quite hectic. Are there any experienced Linux users who would know how to configure IPTables and have any suggestions?

The only ports I use are, Port 80, Port 43594(TCP). I also have 32 usable IP Addresses.


Guess you have looked at: ?