Moparcraft 1.9 - Pure vanilla - Whitelist server!


Added travas and icreatedhorror.

Have fun!


Server down, doe


It was online earlier, I don’t know why it keeps going down.


Its still down…
My balls itch to play


So does anyone know how far out we have to go before we hit the new 1.8 world gen?


2000 in most directions should be pretty good.


I cant join cause I’m already logged in.


Why you have so many issues???


I dont look for trouble, trouble finds me…
do me a favour and boot my evil twin if you can?


I can’t log in, getting connection errors again.




Can you add my user “cumplaywithme”? Thank you.

Also, the server appears to be offline.


[quote=“zachera, post:72, topic:524615”]Can you add my user “cumplaywithme”? Thank you.

Also, the server appears to be offline.[/quote]



Does anyone know where to post a report for griefing?



Hey we want to open a public server and the staff want to know if we should

[ol][li]use the current server and map[/li]
[li]retire the current server and start a new server and map[/li]
[li]leave current server running, start a new server also[/li][/ol]

The public server would allow cracked clients and would be able to bypass the official authentication server and use our forums instead.


Please generate a new map, world gen has changed quite a bit since that one was started.


I don’t think openening the current map to anyone is a good idea especially if we don’t have decent rollback tools. A lot of time went into builds on that map and I’d hate to see them completely destroyed.

I’m up for the idea of a new map though, I think that could be pretty fun. Perhaps we could discuss having pvp on? Also maybe we could just make it a survival of the fittest? Just ideas. We could just keep it how it is now but with a fresh new map?


Is it me or is the server REALLY laggy?


Seems fine to me.