#moparleaks 2016


He did say that, you can ask anyone in that channel with logs.


I did say that, I said it before on the thread where I announced the sale. Did everyone forget the emails were already all leaked before the one time someone hacked the forum and stole the database? Also after setting up this forum which watches for invalid emails and bounces and such, I have proof of what I knew before, the vast majority of emails are no longer valid anyway. 10 years is a long time to keep the same email.


ok then


Wow okay.

Btw some more #moparleaks

Owner or Co-Owner what a fag boy. Unless you guys didn’t already know.



In case anyone was wondering, a “Market Banned” tag indicates that the user is no longer allowed to buy/sell/trade/etc on that website. Generally it’s given out after a confirmed scam report. This should be more than enough to discourage people from playing their private servers.

Dr.House’s handle on R-S is ‘objection’ if anyone was interested in seeing what kind of person he is.

Also the threats of a distributed dos attack is a good sign of malicious content in a private server client.


That server looks awful lmao.


What’s a morparscape?


dude probably spent an hour on that title graphic too


im gonna fucking download a project insanity so i can make money too


people are actually donating lol mindblowing


aaaaand peeter the pleb muted me, pusc


Since every post about this is being deleted, I filled a thread with information regarding this on RuneLocus. Their forums are dead, yeah, but that’s where I’m active. Might as well try to get the word out before anyone potentially gets infected. This was quite the surprise to find after some recent months of inactivity, though I’m sure none of you know who I am. I was never very active on Mopar, just lurked heavily, as I still do, but I digress. Honestly, MoparScape was the last community I thought would proceed with a transaction like this. Either way, at the end of the day, not my decision.

Also, I really like what software you’re using for this site. I really, really like it.


I already got it removed from rune-server