Need help with my SQL databases coding for donations & voting!

EternalNoob here looking for some help in my up and coming private server! My brother and I are working on building a server of our own and we are confused on how to create the SQL databases for the donations and voting pages so everything will work smoothly, and we are also looking for someone to help out with some GFX maybe we can work something out over Skype or something if someone is willing to help with the making of this new private server! We already have the server online and we are actually running it through a VPS server to make sure it is online 99.9% of the time. So, thanks for reading and please feel free to reply back to this post or email me:

P.S. we are also in the process of coding the website to work with the client but it’s taking a little time due to the issues we are facing with the server databases. Also, I’m very sorry if this is posted in the wrong location of the forums… :palm:

Something like this should help for creating databases.