Orange San Fransisco - £99 Android Phone


I’m thinking of getting one just to develop applications :slight_smile: looks pretty cool.
also, unlock here:

ZTE has more than doubled its handset and mobile broadband sales in the UK this year, grabbing 60% of the UK’s mobile broadband market share and 8% of the UK’s handset market share.

Where did you buy it?
From the Orange store in The Arndale, Manchester.

How easy is it to remove all the orange shit?
Pretty easy, just had to install a custom ROM and before you apply the update, using Clockwork Recovery use the ‘factory restore’ menu option to remove everything.

How easy is it to install a custom rom with default android?
I used this guide here and had a working android 2.2 rom on it within 20 minutes of starting it.

Is it really as slow with high-end 3D applications as some noobs claim?
I have yet to come across an application that I lag on, when I had the orange rom installed, on some of the larger 3D games it lagged, however when I installed the custom rom it worked fine with no noticeable lag.

When you say 99.10, do you mean 99 for the phone plus 10 top up?
No, I got a discount on the phone for being a student and already having an orange payg simcard which they offered me money off, you can view the deals here.

Is the camera acceptable for stills?
For a £99 phone, yes. Take a look at a image taken with the camera.

How cumtastic is that screen which sounds fucking amazing (3.5", 800x480, capacitive) ?
Very good, large, pretty responsive, no lag when browsing websites, supports multi-touch, which allows for pinch and zoom. Plenty of room and good colours.

According to some reviews on, some san francisco’s are being shiped with ordinary tft lcd screens…
This is true for all the new models because it reduces battery usage on the phone, as the back-light can be turned off. I have asked people over at modaco if they prefer the AMOLED or the TFT, and supposedly the TFT is producing better colours and reducing battery drain.


Was thinking of getting one for my mum, then I realized she can hardly use her shitty phone I got her 2 years ago.

Any custom roms for this? Cyanogenmod?


I like how they say its the first, the ZTE Racer has been available for that price for a long while.

Dunno how they compare, but it’s not the first.


I think the Orange San Francisco is a ZTE phone, so its made by the same company.

Theres custom ROMs for it and you can even install android 2.2 and have flash in the browser :slight_smile:

the San Francisco has a larger screen and looks prettier!


Not only larger, it’s capacitive and can do the pinching! The main reason I never got a Racer was the shitty shitty screen.

I’m tempted by this one, I must admit. Looks like a steal for £99.


Free unlock, instant! Looks like im going to be buying one tomorrow :slight_smile:


Tell me if that works, and if it does I’m definitely getting one. I’d like to keep using 3 PAYG if i can rather than Orange.


that does look like a cracking deal tbf


it’ll be shit




why not just get an iPhone 3gs for 99$ :stuck_out_tongue:


Because you can’t get an iphone 3gs for $99, contract free?


[quote=“Mopman, post:12, topic:372673”]Because you can’t get an iphone 3gs for $99, contract free?[/quote]Droids are contract free?


But not $99.


Stupid question: Would this work on a Dutch network? I mean, put in a SIM-Card I have and have fun?

It’s out of stock BTW


I got it and the unlock works straight away! Only adjustment for the three network was that i had to add its apn

Its actually a very good phone, highly imressed. I prefer it to my 3gs.
Will be installing custom rom tomorrow, maybe 2.2 or 2.3 whichever i can get to work :stuck_out_tongue:

The only bad part of the phone is the video camera is not great, the picture quality is good though. The fm radio is poor because of its ui, i will look into skinning myself a new one when i learn more about the phone.

I bought it from the orange store, they have a 10% off offer on atm and a free £70 giftbox! Cost me 99.10 and i got loads of goodies :slight_smile: overall, worthwhile!


That is ridiculously happy news.

The orange store seems sold out though :frowning:


Did you go visit the store? Or try order online?

You can order it from carphonewarehouse too


So ollie, is it worth it? More information!


for £99? yes, I prefer it to my iPhone. Ask any questions I’d be happy to answer any you have.