I would like opinions on PC-BSD, UNIX based OS. Thanks :slight_smile:


I doubt anyone here uses any particular bsd as a desktop os never mind this specific flavour

it’d help if you explained what you wanted the opinions for I guess


I feel like I’ve tried it out in the past, is it the one that comes by default with the KDE desktop? Or maybe I just used FreeBSD with KDE, it was alright, but I shortly went back to debian and kubuntu.


PC-BSD is the one that comes with KDE by default, it is actually based on FreeBSD itself but introduces some new concepts in order to simplify things such as package management (PBI). As for the OP you should probably specify what it is you actually need help or information about, I can probably assist you or at least point you in the right direction as I have ‘some’ albeit very little experience with FreeBSD.


it’s shitty, use FreeBSD or OpenBSD if you must use a /free/ BSD.