Raspberry Pi


I got mine the other day, just waiting on my totally legit $15 32gb sdhc card to come to have a play

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances causing a delay in the supply chain, we can't send your order just yet, but it will be despatched the week commencing 02/07/2012. You will receive a confirmation email prior to your Raspberry Pi being shipped.



It’s cause I got 2, and I’m probably not the only person who did :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ve made a wifi controlled (local WAN), surveillance rover using raspberry PI and a music server


Anyone have a case for their raspberry pi? I want to get a few, but I keep hearing bad reviews about some. Any that fit well?


this is my “case”: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/854167/IMG_20121112_121213.jpg


rofl good one cp…

I bought a case for my pi here

It works absolutely perfect. i love it


someone made this template a while ago, wouldn’t be hard to build it out of a thin plastic sheet (print out, lay paper on top of sheet, cut out with a knife, crease edges & superglue tabs where appropriate)


better solution if you want cheap disposable cases that will still be useful tbh