RSC in HTML5 using THREE.js


Thats interesting on the clearing as it is clearing for me and I am also using chrome but I may have something fucked there.

As for the models being upside down as I recall that’s intentional by Jagex as they flip the gameworld somewhere during drawing.


Just realised what causes it, if you use the mouse to select models all is well, if you select one and then use the arrow keys, the screen isn’t clearing.


weird as I don’t think that should matter but ok


Mine also loads the model upside down. The models clear fine on mine even when going very fast.

Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 (Linux Mint 18 64-bit)


Yeah, I’ve got some experience with that from last semester. Setting up Jenkins (piece of shit… not very stable and prone to vulnerabilities :/) to integrate correctly was a major hassle. Really wish I would’ve gone with TeamCity there.


TypeError: renderer is undefined –
renderer.render(scene, camera);

Getting this error on Firefox 48. Seems to work anyway.


Typical pile of silab product


I’m not saying that Silab in particular should go and set up a DevOps pipeline for her Javascript project (which doesn’t actually have any build artefacts).

I was just spruiking an alternative to Github that allows private repositories and a whole host of other features for free. And mainly because of the mention of take-down notices and loss of source code (you can’t really lodge a take-down request for something private that you aren’t aware of, after all).


pretty cool

I’ve been meaning to migrate all my rsps stuff to gitgud after I found out is developed there

if you haven’t figured it out already you can use typed arrays (or an array buffer and dataview) to accomplish general integer functionality


I’m going to bump this and say I started working on textures, but it seems I have an issue with how some of the textures draw


The texture drawing issues have been resolved and have been pushed to the git, the test of the texture loading can be viewed here:


Media loading has now been added a test can be found here:


I added Entity loading this test might take a while to load as it has to fetch 3mb worth of data


Fuck there are some awesome frames in there lmao, the skeletons and bears gave me gr8 lulz


Doing a great job so far with this project!


Entities looking hot:)

The entities look exactly how they should do but my personal critique of the original artwork is that it is very aliased which gave me the idea that you could potentially upscale everything offline and create a Runescape Classic “HD”.

Here’s an example using ffmpeg with the xbr filter (4x scaling)


I don’t have any cache editing tools written other than my BZipStripping at the moment, but its a possibility for the future.

I still need to load maps and sounds and figure out how I am going to fit all this in together. My big concern seperating what Jagex wrote out of nessesity (the scene graph and camera stuff) and what THREE.js can take over for me, I’ve also played around with the idea of simply ditching THREE.js and instead use an openGL 2d engine like Pixie as it would be an easier port as I could simply use the entire Jagex drawing library with little to no rewriting.


If upscaling everything like that is possible then that’s awesome. Didn’t know there was a way to do that.
I bet the RSC players would appreciate it too - full screen with proportionally sized sprites would be cool.


What would converting/using everything as an SVG do? In theory it’d just automatically scale correctly forever. Not sure how that works with three.js or OpenGL though…

Also nice work @silabsoft


Its a cool idea, I don’t know the best way of handling scaling yet as I would like this to function both on pc and phones being that its HTML5 it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish this.