RSClassicKBD v11.9


Great server! 10/10 :slight_smile:


Page 12 of this topic achieved. Not bad.


best rsc server out there! :cool: good xp rate


Very beautiful server! i encourage every rsc fan to join !


best rsc server so far. 9/10




I wonder, how many people have frauded the system by getting multiple subs from vouching.


+1 nice server


Server has a lot of custom items lvl 150’s great server plenty of people play as well join us :smiley:


115 on this past weekend.


love this server I give it a +10 love the help and the people in it! its awesome!


so far so good. 6/5!!


this is the best server ever i played! rate 9/10 :cool:

try to believe! easy to level up! :eek:


Great server all the time !! build up more than 1 years . more and more players joining everyday !!
admin and owner online everyday and heard our feedback .they are very kindful and helpful guys!!!


Love this game much. :stuck_out_tongue: great server,join us today ;D :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: :frowning: :eek: :cool: :rolleyes:


best server for skilling and pking!


+1 This server is really enjoyable.


That is awesome… this server are great


+1 for ClassicKBD! :smiley:

Everyone here is friendly and ready to help new members. :cool:


anyone who offers mills to advertise server is a joke lol, he says that theres a limited time to buy rares even though he always does it and the mods are banning people with no proof of a trade bug that dc’s people