RSClassicKBD v11.9


I’m loving this server already and all this custom content is more than anyone could hope to enjoy out of an old classic like RSC. Come join today!

IGN: Anonvariance


Awesome server, enjoying the custom items, maps, and other content!
ign: mimi


Just started today, a great server with helpful players. Would be insanely fun if we could get some more players :slight_smile:

Ign: DarkwinJax


Have not played much, but I am allready trapped, very cool community and content is huge with bosses =)
ing: vandermir


This server is actually pretty unique… Not only do Godswords exist and there are tons of bosses that add a new flavor to runescape classic, but it holds on to that nostalgic feeling you love and crave.+10 RSCKBD

IGN: Rh Shaco


Friendly community, helpful mods, great custom areas, skills. RSC with a slight addition of things from RS2 like runecrafting, to me its a really awesome blend that no server has provided!

IGN: Shipo


Quit repping your own server, its lame and sad.


The best server ever. Even better than original RSC




I like The server. Joined Yesterday, come check it out. IGN - Hungstick


The high exp rate is great for skipping the boring lower levels. I love all the new stuff that the developer has added, theres always something new to work toward. Also can’d find a nicer community!


great server great community custom armor and weapons pm im dei for quiestions.


Shit server, can’t even get legit comments. GTFO :palm:


all these first time posters gotta be legit.


server is so relaxed and the events are actually so fun and the people are nice… plus it’s classic so why not join?! :smiley:


Super fun server, and with the addition of custom weps and armor and max stat 150. Makes it a new playing experience. !! Join today IGN:Savages


Looks like a good server, i just joined few minutes ago and it looks really fun by its custom stuff.



Good Server Guys! Join If u havent already! awsome members and mods and owner, have been playing already 2 years and i can say best server! and always updated.


All these FTP got me rolling, could be real.


like this game so much