RSClassicKBD v11.9


Really nice server, nice staff and really nice custom stuff. Join it now!


really fun server alot of customs add me IGN yuna


sick server, gr8 staff and lots of PvM and customs. definitely worth a shot to check out, hmu in game: Pkhero


+1 great server


nice server, friendly people too :slight_smile:

IGN Ghostfire


This server is amazing, the stats are a grind but worth it in the end wearing those cool custom armors =)
I really enjoy the custom gears you can obtain by killing the bosses and such. - Reigns


+1 for this server! JOIN NOW
IGN: Kempton


Great server for anyone who is still a RS classic fan. Ton of custom items, bosses, and map areas. The owner, Brwn, is on all the time and is very helpful and genuinely listens to players input. Mod Martin along with the others are VERY active and helpful. It is rare to be online and not have someone on that can help you with a problem you may have.

IGN: Nwehrman11


This server is solid. Active/cool admins, active/helpful community, and cool custom features. Feel free to add me (oddjobmj)


I’ve played this server almost since it started and i never get tired of the custom content.


Somebody lock this topic, dickheads creating accounts and posting on his own topic.


Perfect server for players, who like pking, skilling and have a good time. +1


Love this server! Come enjoy the fun!




nice server for real flawless :cool:


Awesome server +1 for me!


Thumbs up into this, I like the way someone works for a little intention for people, and the customs (Y) cant wait to get into it very well.


So far so good. Its been fun for me.


Hi this is koreanseoul, I just joined this server today… So far its been awesome, lots of new custom content, tons to explore, players and staff are friendly and helpful.


Come chill with me and grind. IGN greedless