RuneKingdom | Progressive Oldschool Server

By far the most unique, old school server I’ve ever played! So nostalgic. :slight_smile:

Siiick new updates have just been put out! Magic has been fixed and so has Dharok’s! Let’s run the wildy!

Couldn’t agree more! Awesome work.

Batch of updates/fixes that were put out on Friday to name a few you can now trade pc points for tickets which you can trade with other players. exp locking is alot easier to check now and ::xpdrops has been added to enable and disable exp drops.

Awesome server with so much potential! So glad to be part of this awesome community! :slight_smile:

Everything’s been looking sickkkk lately! :smiley: Check out the most recent update dudes!

There’s a HUGE drop party happening later today! Come check it out and be part of the fun, we also have much more to offer!

Loving the new kill counter that was added in today

A few other updates and bug fixes were also done today -

I’m loving the Kill Count tracker that was added a few days back! Makes things so much easier to keep track of :slight_smile:

Check it out for yourselves!

Come join us online for lots of fun, can easily spend hours playing and not even realise :o

New bosses coming soon!

all go have a look at this great oldschool RSPS, you wont regret it! :slight_smile:

This is truly a great server and worth giving a shot!

GWD is getting closer, all thats missing is you guys playing :slight_smile:

RuneKingdom is on its way to something great! Come join today!

A good one! :slight_smile: this server is a must!
come play with us :slight_smile:

Just over 48 hours until we’re hosting a Pest Control event.

This Pest Control event coming up is going to be awesome! Make sure you’re there to get yourself a void set!

GWD is coming very soon and there is a Pest Control event tomorrow. Come register and account and get your Void robes! :smiley:

I hope there’s a good turn-out for the Pest Control event later today, all are welcome to join after all <3