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Pest Control event is in 3 hours and 20 minutes! Come make and account and get some easy points for Void!


Events, new content and much more! Sweet sweet!


Dragon full helm was added in today :slight_smile: ​can be dropped from kq/kbd, time to start camping both :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a Leprechaun hunt event starting soon! Will you participate and make some possible gainz?


The dragon full helm just came ingame, come check it out! :slight_smile:


Don’t miss out on anything! Come check out our forums page for all the latest updates and events! Join today!


loving the update to obby drops


A tzhaar store was added in that you can spend Tokkuls at, it even has onyx’s in there :slight_smile:


There’s likely to be a PvM hour/event happening this weekend! Who’s going to stop by and keep posted with what happens/participate in the event?


Can’t wait to see you guys in game playing with one of the greatest communities in the RSPS scene! Join Runekingdom now!


Plenty of fun to be had guys <3 feel free to join us


With a set of ‘rules’ to follow, being an iron man in-game is much easier. Are you willing to follow a set of rules and stay true to the Iron Man way without being forced? Check out the list of things to follow here and create your account!


Today i updated the vote and premium stores and added a few misc updates, you can read them here -


If you’re looking for a server with a great community, this is the one to join! Come join Runekingdom today!


Super Combat potions and more are now available in-game! Check out the details at:


A few updates recently, including an updated vote area with new drops, come join in on the fun <3


There are new painted rune kiteshields and other things added at vote arena, as zimknot said.

Check it out:


New boss and boss pet entered the game today! Check it out!


On that grind for the giant mole pet, lots of fun :stuck_out_tongue:


The Giant Mole is so fun to kill! More updates are being brought out frequently with plenty of awesome suggestions from the community with future updates as well. Come check us out!