RuneKingdom | Progressive Oldschool Server


Plenty of new faces. Come join them.


With all of the new and old players coming around, it’s almost like everyone should try to come and join in the fun <3


Good server, never been bored all of that 3 months of playing :wink:
im planning to play more till new features show up. Join us now!


Check out the Leprechaun Event happening tomorrow (Sunday) at 10pm GMT!


If a Leprechaun event doesn’t interest you, we’ll also be holding a Pest Control event on the 14th of June, should be alot of fun :3


Come check out the new Giant Mole update! Kill it for a chance at the tiny mole follower :wink:


Join now for a unique experience. You won’t regret it.


Plenty of fun to be had guys, I hope to see you there soon <3


More player keep on gettin that boss pets! hurry up and get yours too


Runekingdom is undergoing some fine changes in these past few weeks! Stop by and check them all out!


Got a chaos ele pet today. Come get yours.


It’s a fun place to come, hang out and grind with each other, feel free to come join us in the fun!<3