Support for inventory icons

Hello I’m looking to add support for inventory icons to well the inventory XD

Inventory’s work with models but often times i find a cool icon I think might make a decent model unfortunately I don’t think rs supports inv icons so i want to add them and to do this I thought it might be a good idea to look into how models are being displayed in the inventory so naturally I headed into the itemDef file and found the variable for modelID and did a search but I couldn’t find anything…

Does anyone know how models are displayed in the inventory off the top of their heads or anything to send me in the right direction?

they have 1-2 models: a drop model (how it appears on the ground) and a weilded model (if able to equip)

the itemDef (item definitions) defines all items (names, descriptions) and assigns them to specific model numbers in the cache. the itemDef also has support for color modifications (recolors) as well. there are also some fancy little things that determine the zoom and rotation. these two specific characteristics are based solely on the drop model.

you take the model off the ground, zoom out or in depending on the size, then rotate it to display the way you wish. this is how it views in the inventory.

Thank you for your reply but I fully understand that I just wanted to support for sprites which are 2d Images because models are larger and slower to Download and sometimes not even necessary.

My issue was solved with a brief search looking through my client code and a little conversion.

im not sure what you’re meaning by referring to the download speeds of the models when they’re packed in the cache and download speed will vary by user. but the icons in the cache are ‘2d images’ created by the model - which is how we can dump them easily

Is it possible to extract, view and edit them using 3rd party software that’s not the cache suite? Those huge cache files seem extremely stupid to me.

You can edit the client to loop through all models and save the bitmap as an image. However, if you’re wanting to edit them you’ll need to edit the model or append some hard-coded adjustments to the model (recolors, rotations, zooms, etc)

And the cache files are huge because there’s so much data picked inside them.