This forum is so weird to navigate


yo what the fuck


I’ve found to fix the second problem use the scroll thing (the one on the right side of the page that has a timeline on it you can scroll up/down with the dates beside it) by scrolling to the very bottom and it’ll load the missing posts.


Yeah that’s what I found & mentioned (in shitty explanation) in my second post, do you know if that’s because of installation teething issues or is that actually how it’s meant to work?


The one thing I don’t like is how the scroll isn’t able to keep up with me. As I am writing this I was reading down the line and it stopped at 4 and hasn’t even continued to count.


¯ \ _ (ツ)_/¯

I’m also new to this software.


So apparently scrolling was broken all along by some theme tweaks Tom made on the previous forum and I copied over to this one:

I got rid of those, and now everything just works. It also seems faster and more responsive, make sure to do a hard refresh to see the changes, and let me know if there are more bugs!


i don’t care discourse ditched coffeescript i still feel trapped in hipster hell on this forum software


Looks like I don’t have anymore phantom unread posts now too, woo!


Yep, when it’s all fixed and working it’s rather nice. :slight_smile:


Scrolling is very smooth now :slight_smile: