Toplist Request

Fellow moparisthebest

I was wondering if any one could kindly share the released verison of Moparscape toplist software please,

I am not sure if it is still allowed but since it was released i should not see a problem

All the best
Skype: live:spiritsoul1
If it works all okay and very quick to setup, You will be applied a monthly Donation from my self,

It’s been open source for a very long time now:

I haven’t used it for awhile, but it used to work last year, good luck :slight_smile:

thank you for a speedy response mopar you are a blesisng in disguse ,

Can i intergrate it to IPB if possible?

Should be able to, all the forum-specific functionality I split into a seperate file:

Implement those in a file named ‘ipb.php’ or something and everything should just work.

Just keep in mind the AGPL license, you can use it and make as many modifications as you want, but all your code must be released open source too.

Okay Thank you, I highly appreciate it buddy

May you add me on skype by any chance so i can talk and elaborate in more depth please, Would be highly appreciated

all the best

That old man is too busy for private tutoring on skype.

Best way to receive help from this community is to try it first, if it fails you tell us what you’ve done and how you’ve tried to fix it.

Ha @jme hit the nail on the head, I don’t use skype, ask for help here, in a github issue, or on from me (nick moparisthebest) or in #mopar there.