TrisidiaX V3 [317 PI] The Final Release! | Control Panel | Great Interfaces |


[size=12pt]Well Guys i started the project TrisidiaX, then i released 2 of the server files. Now im back for the Final Release of TrisidiaX. Now i tried to code all the Bugs out but there could possibly be some i didnt recongize if so leave a comment and ill try to fix them and update the files.[/size]

[size=12pt]Notice: This will be the last reelase, Im not saying im quitting RSPS but im not going to release another source.[/size]

[size=18pt]Well lets get to the server Release.[/size]
[size=14pt]Ok Bellow will be the things i Was going to add, In Process Of Adding, Completed

[size=14pt][Things i was going to add][/size]

[size=10pt]A Agility Shop with interfaces for tickets.
Working Banktabs
Summoning quest to level up summoning
Working Auras in-game

[size=14pt][Things that i was in the process of adding][/size]

[size=10pt]Fixing Minigames
Eco Recoding
Better Combat
Full Screen Client
Audio Sounds
Temp Staff

[size=14pt][color=green][Things i Completed][/size]

[size=10pt]Working MoneyPouch!
dupe in the MoneyPouch
Drop Dupe
Summoning Orb With Draining
Fixed Cheat Egine Dupe!
custom items with 711 model header
[Server] Announcement when you get 99
LevelPoints with a Store
custom GFX and Anime for some basic commands
Lottery, [Lottie]
Disabled Shops for Users That Can Spawn
Staff or players who can spawn can not attend in the lottery
Added 2 Starters Per Ip
Added Custom Log-ins when Staff Log in
Fixed Total Level
Donators need Donor points to use their Shops not cash[Makes it so reg players cant be teled there and buy the items]
Vote4Cash Voting System with SOF Spins on claim
100% Timed mute
100% Timed Ban
Smithing (x5, x10)
120 Dungeoneering
The Arrow Dupe Glitch
Server AutoSave
Lag when banking all
Player Titles
Auto-Server Save
UIDs (i disabled, ease to re-enable)
SOF InterFace
KillStreak Point System
Made KS give you extra PK Points
Re-Wrote Mage (Was totally messed up on v1)
Custom Npc Shops
Added in dice command for Donator+
New Interfaces
Fixed Crowns in Pc, Pm, and chat
Admins and Owners dont share same crowns
Comp Cape requireing all 99s.
Zoom in and Zoom out feature
New Superdonator Extreme Donator Rank
Better Duel Arena
New ::Help method
Better Prayer
Better Eco
Vote point shop
Tokkul Shop
2b Ticket Exchange
New member rank
Nice Player ritles With a good Interface
Player Titles for most ranks
Player Cliping
Summoning Working
Fixed Charms
Better Spirit Shields (Not showing lines like regualr ones)
Staff Tab saying if staff is online or not.
Most Sinlge and Double doors working the way they need to
Awesome Donator Benifits
Made a lot of things
Fixed Freezing in Wise old man
New staff capes
[size=18pt]And LOADS OF MORE THINGS![/size]

[size=18pt]Now for TrisidiaX Media![/size]

[size=12pt]Gnome Agility[/size]

[size=12pt]Comp Cape Rack![/size]

[size=12pt]Control Panel![/size]

[size=12pt]Ticket Exchange![/size]

[size=12pt]Fixed Charms[/size]

[size=12pt]New Xp Lamp with multiclicking![/size]

[size=12pt]Level Point Shop with fixed Spirit Shields![/size]

[size=12pt]New Wild running interface![/size]

[size=12pt]Teleporting Interfaces![/size]

[size=12pt]Skillcape shop not freezing you![/size]

[size=12pt]Title Shop![/size]

[size=12pt]Vote Point Shop![/size]

[size=12pt]Zoom in and Out![/size]

InsidiaX- 10%
ME/Trisidia- 70%
Ajmcbsat - 5%
Lexi - 5%
Kings - 5%
Yorben- 5%

[size=20pt]Notice: This was coded by Team TrisidiaX, If you use this source please Give Trisidia, and TrisidiaX Credit.[/size]

[center][size=17pt]Source, Client, and Cache download [Updated 12/14/12]:[/size]
[size=15pt]Click Here to Download TrisidiaX Source and Client, The Final Release[/size]

[center] [size=20pt]Download Goals![[color=blue]Completed[/color], [color=red]Not[/color]][/size]
[size=12pt]250 Downloads.[/size]




very nice release!!! thank you very much

you’re #1


This looks great! I would have loved to see the working auras! Maybe in another project, though. Good work! :smiley:

EDIT: PS. AMAZING work on the server administration panel. I love it. <333 :stuck_out_tongue:


why i cant login? error connecting to server

and i opened run source file, idk why it doesnt work

any ideas?




im on it now lmao


how do u fix it?


good release


how change server ip and client ip?

EDIT Yo wtf, i cant get in the server!?!?!? HELP!


well in the spawn there’s an random tree how i remove it


did you fix the t4 error tris?


I personally think an in-game control panel would be much more useful.


how to start the game lol???


why try this hard for insidiax -.-
Tbh it was teh most badest decision ever to even start using it cause of all the bugs
but none the less good release =)


you mean the spamming in if so yes.


you should reallllly make MORE!!! thisis amazinggg


that new wild interface is copied from vistex lolololoo


Looks good, gunna test now.


To login you need to set to not to

Btw , Trisidia , thank you very much.
I love this source so f0000000000king much !