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try typing ::snow


Looks sick!


[quote=“cya forever, post:260, topic:473155”]but other problem how i can make that my armadyl battlestaff dont use meele att etc at normal attack ,i will that it att with armadyl storm that i added but i dont know how

and how i can make that my server looks linke in cristmas “white” ?[/quote]

i still need this things guys


It says path not specified what do I do?


I would say to give up and delete it butbim not an asshole like most others. You need to change the path of your java jdk version in the compiler, and the path of your jre version in the runserver.


how do i dl it??? link broken!


im having trouble changing the background can any one help?


Trisidia did you delete the sprite files?


Whats the code for completionist cape in this?


Can anyone help with fixing the prayer, so it will drain on here?


Trisidia i was on Rswebclients when you posted you got a girlfriend a job and won’t be on at all much, will you release the other one soon or like late?

4/10, lied about how “all skills work”


anyone have trisidiax v3 fixing Item.cfg please give me that link ,

Sorry about my english


[quote=“Mr ezrix, post:272, topic:473155”]anyone have trisidiax v3 fixing Item.cfg please give me that link ,

Sorry about my english[/quote]
nope sorry


please sir i need that fixing item.cfg


Am i aloud to let my friends go on this server?
I don’t know how to do it if so :confused:


I am just starting off coding, I have a client called Optimum right now, that I’m practicing coding on, but I really suck, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with what to start with. I want to make a nice server, and code it really good, and then finally upload it so everyone could play. If anyone could help over TeamViewer, that would be great. I think my source is a 317, but I’m not sure, I got it in the server downloads.


I had no problem putting the server online, but whenever I attempt to run the client I get an error…

“Could not find or load main class ShowMessageDialog”

It would be greatly appreciated if somebody would add me on Skype and give me step-by-step details on how to fix this… I’m rather new and I realize I’m starting with a rather complicated version of RSPS, but I’d prefer to use this… Haha…
Skype name: JaredHasMadSkil1s


[size=18pt]Does anyone know how to remove the trisidiax message at the start? When you login? If so that would be greatly appreciated :)[/size]


add black hween and phat


Whats the command for a the staff capes?