Why can't I reply to some threads

there’s no reply button on this thread for me

like jesus I couldn’t find a more complicated forum software to roll out

It’s in the Community Inside section. Moparisthebest recently made the section’s contents public for posterity.
I’m guessing that it’s read-only to the public though, with only those who hold the old Community Member rank being able to actually post in the section.

my account is over 10 years old what hoops do I need to backflip through

you had to be voted in to get into the section it wasn’t a rank based on time. Initially it was for the so called “elites” to talk about bot development and to bash ruler_ but after botting died out it just became a place to chat where drub couldn’t post MKUltra links.

Yea I’m not really sure what to do with it, I guess there wouldn’t be harm in letting anyone with an account post there, anyone got opinions?

I reckon it would be best kept as an archive, perhaps even making it read only for everyone - including CM/Vets. We wouldn’t want some of the interesting threads tarnished with new junk posts.

If any further discussion is required, I’d encourage people to create new fresh threads.

I agree with fat_cookies on this one, our history in the cm section is history I wouldn’t want to change a damn thing. I think it should be locked as it is

On the other hand it’s not like new posts wouldn’t be easily recognized as not belonging to the original thread?

what a terrible idea, lothy will never get to know what I am up to nowadays

where drub couldn’t post MKUltra links.