[718/839] Exylum - Built To Perfection | RS3 Content | Stable Economy |Boss Pets







I will be posting plenty more images for everyone to see. Exylum has much more then what there is to see


Here is some more media
Araxxi has not yet been placed in a proper location our developers have just finished packing the maps so we will be adding the araxxi as a boss teleport shortly

Download/webclient seem to be down :slight_smile:


it should work now we were just updating the client our launcher should be available soon

Upgrading the vps sorry for the inconvenience, New update is the sky boxes have been fully added, dungeonerring will now be made up by level and will provide level equipment

It is an interesting project. it is however far from finished. It has many things that need improved upon. Good luck in advancing this. :slight_smile:

Yep still a long way from making this project better, but we are making steady progress, and keeping a good pace with updates.

We welcome Chryonic to the developer team

Also here are some small updates we made today with the help of Chryonic

New rest Emote for all players

Added the RS3 stances


Looks awesome. I’ve always wanted to see a rs3 server

Sorry to disappoint you then, this gives off the feel of an RS3 server, but it is still a 718 its just loading 857.
The server basically has content from RS3 like animations maps, and items, soon to also have the legacy interfaces.

hope that clears things up.

I’'d like to apologize for our 2 day downtime our vps was experiencing some major issues.
We have bought a new vps now much faster and better than our last.

-Slayer is now working for level 1, Talk through spria at home
-Server null issue fixed we won’t be having anymore unexpected server shut downs

Much more to come



Server is growing
Christmas event will be available soon with a limited time item the Christmas Scythe

Sheathing fully working
Thanks to Cjay

RS3 maps finished.

Updates will be taking place monday night.


First things first and updated list of our developers
Teh Princee

Astro is no longer in the development team not because of what everyone tells me, but for other reasons that I’ve come to know.[/center]

We are preparing for our new 830+ updates

  • New home
  • Fixed Npc Combat They won’t hit you multiple times in one hit
  • Legacy stance is still glitchy working on that, but it will still work fine for the time being
  • Divination location removed from sunfreet teleport [sunfreet now spawns]
  • Bork spawns fixed
  • Multiple npc spawns at Corp Fixed
    Much more to come.

For all players that are currently members or joining now the current maps are missing due to the client it will be fixed shortly
Almost time!

New Exylum 3 Client is now available

Maps are finished Players can now move around the home area freely without limitations.
The new players spawn area is being changed atm
New home is almost finished

The update you guys have been looking for is now here. Yes it’s the new home Prifddinas

First off we have gained a new addition to our development team with his help we will be able to accomplish much more in a shorter period of time. [/center]


  • New Home Prifddinas
  • We’ve cut the number of NPC at home
  • New players can now choose the new home locations
  • All construction portals are now functional including the prif one
  • Crystal Chest is temporarily removed
  • Donator Currency has been changed for those Donators who have not received their tokens yet please pm myself ‘TIME’, and I will be - - have your Tokens added to your account

More Updates will be following this one.
If there is anything that is missing in the home location please let us know so we can add it as soon as possible.

I know we have been doing a lot of work with home only at the current time, but now after getting a new addition to the development team we will now be able to work faster, and be moving on to making new content.

Lately we have been working on fixing up the new bosses. Vorago is currently a boss with no phases we are working on adding animations, and phases.

Much more to come

Bump - Games looking really good, really starting to come together and be something unique. :slight_smile: