Albion Online

Thought i’d share a new game that will be released soon (in closed beta right now - $30 to join)

I spent a lot of time looking for a game like runescape and found this beauty. it’s art direction is similar to runescape, but it has much better animations and the game feels smooth. feels similar to torchlight too.

Has all sorts of skills (mining, fishing, smithing) etc and unlike most games these days, this is a long term game where it will take almost as long as runescape to level up. Majority of games these days you could max out a skill in a day or 2, this has an exp curve similar to RS.

full player driven economy like RS, best gear must be crafted. can trade any items. Has a huge world map, with open pvp zones the more advanced you go into the game. obviously the best ores & resources are guarded in the most dangerous zones. dungeons and stuff too.

ill leave it at that, go check it out i have been playing for a few days and really happy with it.

Oh and one of the main features is that its true multiplatform. android/ios/windows/mac/linux have the same client and share the same servers/accounts.

edit: i posted this in the games section on mopar, mod please remove this thanks

I haven’t played in months, so it could have changed. One iteming to gather resources isn’t fun in that game. Also it needs a tab targeting system.

A 20 man team could run that game albeit not as much as rsc since it has a lot more players.

Looks too much like RS3.

These type of skilling MMOs are boring to me now.

been watching the vids it looks pretty epic. I’ll try it out if my homies irl join me.


Thanks for sharing. Going to look into this one.

Been paying this. Soooo damn good!


yea wipe at end of july! new world map too

So hows it these days?

I’m still enjoying it. Been playing it on and off again since the final beta came out. It’s pretty cool seeing a fairly active user base on in the starting areas compared to when I started during the last beta hardly anyone was in those areas.