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Moparscape is the oldest Runescape private server community. We have been active since 2007.

  • Mitb, Founder

MITB is retarded for selling the site.

< moparisthebest> Im proud of being a redneck :slight_smile:

< moparisthebest> the women I prefer weigh around 200 :stuck_out_tongue:

< moparisthebest_> once I accidentally ate an entire head of cauliflower that way
< moparisthebest_> BOY did I regret that later!!!

“so stork i figured out that i get about 8000 different people a night”

“would it help if i made a vid of me trying to play?”

-founder of silab items

where is ^ when you need him

[00:41:22] <_^_> there is nothing that would destroy #mopar faster than people getting "social" lives [00:41:42] <justin_> why dno't you get women to rub parts on u _^_ [00:41:51] <_^_> justin_ that is how you get diseases [00:41:59] <justin_> no _^_ it's clothes on clothes [00:42:02] <justin_> ur just dancing [00:42:06] <_^_> that is how you get your clothes dirty [00:42:16] <Budda> thats what the washing machine is for

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there he is

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