Brand new server | 1st 8 get mod | Full star wars and game of thrones quests

Welcome to the best server ever made

Full construction
Custom fractions
Custom items based on game of thrones.
Custom minigames based on game of thrones.
Fun achievement system.

Game of thrones card game, with points system, highscores, login system, card collecting, and cashing out points for items ingame.





[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4]BRAND NEW custom integrated card game added: it has custom quests to collect cards, and can vs. other players for points to spend ingame on cool items:[/SIZE][/FONT]

This looks good and for once someone didn’t release a server that has the exact same features as the other ones. I like your ideas.

You should fix up that NPC reaper unless he is meant to look like that and also in that picture where it had “Summon your servant” you should fix that gold system thing were it had 5.5k gold then at the top you had 32000. Not a big deal but you should make that tidy. Other than that 10/10 I like your thread and your server. Will check it out later.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Just added darth mauls treasure quest. come get a double red lightsaber that hits double and do a beast quest. Also, now EVERYONE starts with their own beast custom purple lightsaber like mace windou

If you need a real website free of charge let me no I don’t need anything in exchange. I’m a current web developing student its nice to see a server where everything is nearly exactly the same as the other servers. you can add me on Skype xminibeastx that is the fastest way to contact me.

Doesn’t let me login?

Looks like crap to me rofl

Thanks branden I saw you logging in and doing the kings landing quests. Come fight in the coliseum with me tomorrow we’ll kill leonidas and win with spartacus next time brother. Also, just added a new custom item making system, all players can now use the model maker on my website and add a custom item to all clients which is updated by our custom launcher with card game points earned from playing my custom game of thrones card game.

Slimjimm, I think your server is actually pretty cool but it just needs like something of a clean up. it looks very messy like the the home isn’t to appealing, neither is some of the interfaces etc. Most of the custom items are rather not very appealing also… Although overall its a decent server in my opinion.