Cachedownloader error!

hello i have a error when i put new link for a cache into in client files

this is the error any ideas why this is happening?

this is my cache dl link

if anyone could help and fix this i would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

The issue is your encoding for the file.

Right click it, hit edit (Should open in notepad).

Then for the sake of safety, highlight and delete the first two characters, starting from the second one going towards the first.
Delete them, and retype em. Do not copy/paste.
Hit file save as (Save as is important).
Should open up the save prompt. At the very bottom it will have a dropdown next to the save button with the label “Encoding:” before it.
Change the encoding to ANSI if not already.

Now compile.

^ and also UTF-8 (and a few others) should work too.