Can I have a dump of all threads/posts?

I think it was posted before but I can’t find it. Can I have a link to download all the posts/threads from mscp?

no, no you can’t - I also need 20 characters

I also would like to know what if I use img tags


It’s fine, I wrote a scraper tool that will go through each thread and dump all the information I needed. It will just take forever to grab the data though (even though I’m making the most of the multi-threading). So meh, instead of dumping the data, I’m just going to scan each thread/post and hope I can extract the stuff I need. Right now, it feels like Bitcoin mining lol - So probably will just scrap the initial reason I wanted to do this.

Did you consider asking Moparisthebest on IRC?

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We are actually working through why ‘download my posts’ is broken:

And also I plan to provide a scrubbed database dump of the entire forum soonish.

Edit: that discourse bug was resolved and now you can export your own posts.

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@moparisthebest thanks!