Ciberscape ! V1 Now Out !1

:eek: yea i see :stuck_out_tongue:

It makes me go blind because i have to strain my eyes to look at the pictures because they are to small.
Bigger. Pl0x!

ugh? ugly pictures…

Why does everyone complain about these pictures? One person already did it, that doesn’t mean 20 people copy him. Jesus.

whats the point of a mod and admin shop could see mod shop but admins can spawn. and mods should have the same type of game play but have commands like mute, ip mute, kick (incase someone gets glitched), and maybe ban

They suck that much. Plus if only one person does he’ll just think it’s only one person that dislikes them.

[quote=“CiberScape, post:16, topic:422047”]very hard to do so in my fences[/quote]that made me lol for some reason.

Welcome to moparscape.


this server looks shitty xD

LACK OF MODELS FOLDER! :eek: how do i add items with no models folder :confused: :confused: :mad:

oh awesome it seems like alex-isle :O?

Good job making those shops, I couldn’t have done it.

gj dling now hope u dont mind if i leech

First off, like others I think you should remove the customs and either take the nulls out of the shops or remove them completely.

Second, [concerning the staff zone] if you fixed it by putting objects in the way then people can easily get in. If you fixed it by as you said “locking the teletabs” then again you did it wrong because it’s not hard for people to walk there or use command teleports (if they exist). The only way to make sure people can’t get in is either changing the walk code in or creating a restricted zone by checking a player’s coords via the process method (however, the more you put in process() the more unstable the server will be).

You should also give credit to the base that you started with.

Lastly, it would be better if you changed the gameplay rather than just the appearance.

Anyone still wanting to play this game? Would happily take the engine and try to recreate it if i had a link

I think you’re looking for Moparscape…