Ciberscape ! V1 Now Out !1

Hello Everyone !!! This is Ciber And Here Is My First Ever Release Please Dont Rage !! Coz its not leeched at all !! Plus if you can fix the compiler error please do it !!

Ok Features Are:

Most Of The Skills Now Work !!!
New Shops !!!
New Home
Better Starters
And Much More…

Pictures :

New Home :: Yanille


Customs:: Tons Of Them!! Not All In Shops … Coz Mods Can Visit !!

And Much More …

Download Links

Source :

Only 889 Killobytes Client :

My Version 2 Will Be Out Soon !! I need someone to fix my compiler errors !! Will Be Greatly Appreciated !! I will Pay Rsgp too !! Just Fix the Errors In compiler !!

What’s with the old shit? Don’t we have enough of these bullshit servers?

Poor advertisement.

fix/delete nulls out of the shop… and crop your images, also it would be a good release 1/2 years ago

and whats with that staffzone in varrock castle :s any morron could walk to it

thnx oldschool i like ur advice ill be right to it

Perfect if this is your first release, and just to let you know, try not to add customs alot, customs nowadays sucks …

boehoe 317 nerd-noob server boehoe

Any bigger?

Guys … I have locked the teletabs and you can only go to limited places on my server

Why are the pictures huge?

its only a 900 kb client because you download a 15meg cache… dumbarse

Needs bigger pictures

Well the pictures ruined it.
other than that, i guess nice.
Also, did you fence off that staffzone?

yup the staffzone is fenced

[quote=“CiberScape, post:13, topic:422047”]yup the staffzone is fenced[/quote]is your following clipped?

on delta’s its real easy to glitch into fences

very hard to do so in my fences

Yah I can’t see it very well enlarge pics plz?

Too bad this isn’t the real ciberscape and you don’t own that website. Sucks bro.


hey iRaiu u got the proof?