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Dubeast-PKz v3 (previously a few other sources) is a content-packed 718, VPS Hosted RSPS using the source Rune Evo V4 with some of our spicy touches! Our main focuses are bosses, PvM, economy, and basically content in general and keeping the players interested.
We here at Dubeast-PKz believe no content should be restricted to just donors only. With
that being said we have integrated a new currency system to allow all players get the gear
they want in due time. Now with that in mind donors still get special benefits such as extra
Loyalty points every 30 minutes, better training areas, and more Rusty Coins per contract
completed based off donation rank. I hope to see you all on soon to at least give us a try!

[SIZE=5]Web-side Features[/SIZE][/CENTER]

[ul][]Full Highscores with comparisons!
]VPS Hosted with OVH
[]Full forums with myBB, with great involvement from the players
]Full donation shop with auto claim![/ul]


[ul][]All Godwars Bosses (Including Nex)
]King Black Dragon
[]Corporeal Beast
]Queen Black Dragon
[]Pest Queen
[]Wildy Wyrm
]Avatar of Destruction
[]Ice Strykewyms
]Party Demon
[]Mercenary Mage
]T’kar the Thunderous


[ul][]Fight Caves (Full 64 Waves)
]Fight Kiln
[]Clan Wars
]Barrows(Fully working)
[*]Survival Dungeon[/ul]

[CENTER][SIZE=5]Skilling/Special Skilling[/SIZE][/CENTER]

[]Living Rock Caverns
]Artisan’s Workshop
[*]Livid Farming[/ul]

[CENTER][SIZE=5]Extra Features[/SIZE][/CENTER]

[ul][]Boss Contracts
]Donation Store and Donation benefits
[]25 Prestige levels
]Achievements & Rewards
[]Cosmetic Outfits
]Boss Pets
[]Global Drops Announcements
]Working Clans
[]Working Sequel of Fortune
[]All skills 100% Work
]Custom Crystal Key Chest
[*]Master Capes/Comp Cape[/ul]

[CENTER][SIZE=5]What We Changed[/SIZE][/CENTER]

[ul][]Loyalty Points system
]Contract System
[*]Changed Home[/ul]

Source Credit: Foxtrot (King Fox) - 99.99%
Dubeast-Pkz Dev Team - 00.01% :)[/CENTER]