Fury - stress test program

Hello. This is a program I have developed to help stress test my servers. I thought you guys might enjoy.


I didn’t have much time this morning to really look at the code but from what I saw you didn’t have anything that sent the ping reply, did I miss it or did you just harass with logins and then let them dc for inactivity?

There’s code to send packets at time intervals. Depends what you want to do.

application.submitClientCommand(new SendCommandTask("/voted"));

You can do this. I was wrong you can’t change the interval because after a client is connected it’s dumped into the worker. But you can create a worker that runs along side the current client worker and control timings if you so desire. There’s a lot of functionality that can be implemented.

It’s mostly FOR flooding purposes. That’s why there’s two different proxy implementations. I would love for their to be functionality like your RuneAgent has.

Will I get banned for using this?

Not if you don’t directly connect to it.

so what ur telling me is i can use this to crash dr houses bouncy house

was this your work

Yes, you can do plenty of things with this.



From my experiences the more servers in the tor cluster doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to connect more clients. But hats off to you. I never had more than 4 in a cluster at a time.

lmao, oh thats great.