Horizon | 718 | Loading 839 || Vorago - 5 Phases + Rotations & Voke Shields


Hey MoparScape![/B]
Thank you for taking your time to check out the thread!

We are proudly introducing a 718 with Full 5 Phases of Vorago & Provoke Shields with all rotations just like RS3.

Big shoutout to Armar & Marcus as without them we would not have this on the 718 server.

Before we begin we would like to give our thanks and credits to hc747 as without him or the Hyperion II base this would not be possible.

Back in March Marcus and Junes began playing on a server that grew into a nice community, during this time we met some great people along the way, unfortuantely this died as quick as it came into the public domain.

As a result of this we decided to take it upon ourselves to try and bring this community back together, we got in touch with hc747 to make sure he was happy for us to continue the project that started off as his. Since picking this up we have made many tweaks and changes to make it more stable and we have been in touch with Cjay0091 who is helping us with client-sided work.

Please visit and register on our forums to introduce yourself

[B]Horizon General Ingame Features

-25 Trainable Skills

  • Regular and ultimate ironman modes.

  • XP modes: Easy = 50RS | Hard = 25RS | Insane = 5*RS.

  • Daily tasks that scale to your levels with rewards and provide huge variety.

  • Clan chat system, with customisation, guest chats, logos, etc.

  • Clean Grand Exchange with no search lag, prices changing etc.

  • Squeal of Fortune.

  • 80+ pets obtainable (All boss pets).

  • Achievement rewards, Real RS3 master capes, max cape, completionist and trimmed completionist capes with the ability to create hooded max/comp/trim capes!

  • Challenging and rewarding bosses.

  • Tier 90 gear: malevolent, drygores, sirenic, ascensions, tectonic, seismic, ROtS shields, noxious longbow & Provoke Shields.

  • Dual wielding with CLEAN sheathing (no command - done via appearance data): low level magic wands, Ahrim’s, Virtus, dragon, chaotics, ascensions, drygores, seismics.

  • Dragon keepsake keys and cosmetic keepsaking (weapons and shields are disabled automatically in combat, all are disabled in pvp).

  • Gear presets, similar to RS3.

  • Achievement trackers for bosses, clue scrolls and barrows.

  • Charming imp and boss pets system.

  • Trivia system, maximum five answers per question and point shop with rewards.

  • Five tier prestige system, with tier 85 ports armours available in fifth prestige shop.

  • Post Eoc gear, including batwing, spider silk, imphide, obsidian, tetsu, sea singer and death lotus.

  • Barrows dye, Third-age dye and Shadow dye available in clue scrolls to recolour all tier-90 weapons,

  • Custom, toggle-able combat animations to create a more immersive melee combat experience.


[B] Minigames

Hc747 - For Hyperion & Hyperion II
CJay0091 - For 718/839 Client & Cache
Substance - Web Services
Oxygene - Web Services
Elon - Web Services
Awaitingvalhalla - PkBots
Armar X King - RS3 Vorago + Conversion to 718
Marcus - Vorago Conversion to 718 plus other continuous content deployment



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[SIZE=4]Dual Wielding[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Weapon/Shield Sheething[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Comp Cape[/SIZE]

Domination Tower:



Queen Black Dragon:

King Black Dragon:

Kalphite Queen:

Kalphite King:


Corporal Beast:

General Graardor:

K’ril Tsutsaroth:


Commander Zilyana: