Mistex a New Adventure


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Welcome to the Mistex advertisement thread, we are a 317 server loading higher data. We are a economy server that offers a surplus of minigames, bosses, skilling tasks, and much for our players to enjoy. We are constant making adjustments to our combat on the request of our players in order to offer them the PvP experience they want. Our staff is quite experienced in their respected areas and we hope to bring our players not only an enjoyable time on the game but the community as well. Fortunately enough for us we have a great website developer in Bigshot working with us to compliment our developer on the website side of things. I will end the intro here and get on with the media and features list.

Key Features

[ul][]Fullscreen and Resizeable
]Wilderness resource area
[]Ironman & Hardcore Ironman Modes
]Wilderness bosses
[]Well thought out economy
]Bank Pins, Tabs, with price checking avalible
[]Social Slayer
]Boss Pets
[]Custom Npc Drop Log Interface
]Multiple Game Modes
[]Proper Counter
]OSRS HP Overlay[/ul]