Moparcraft 1.9 - Pure vanilla - Whitelist server!


I feel your pain bro -xoxo-

PS. Can I get blackwhite listed


[quote=“relmitos, post:41, topic:524615”][quote author=kickingjamie link=topic=643235.msg4387277#msg4387277 date=1386105493]
Yes Tom made it go away for some reason

I feel your pain bro -xoxo-

PS. Can I get blackwhite listed[/quote]
I didn’t think you had a payed account?


[quote=“kickingjamie, post:42, topic:524615”][quote author=relmitos link=topic=643235.msg4390331#msg4390331 date=1387239179]

I feel your pain bro -xoxo-

PS. Can I get blackwhite listed
I didn’t think you had a payed account?[/quote]

I think its about time I bought the bloody game


I bought it a while ago just for FTB because I couldn’t get a good cracked launcher lol


Updated to 1.7.5.


woot woot!


Tis 1.7.9 why shall ye do this?

WhiteList a real niqqa: DevilXsummoner


Can I be whitelisted on this server? Minecraft username: SarwarMiah


Updated to 1.8.


Can i be whitelisted? havent been here in a while


Added. Pm me if you have any issues.


I have a couple days a week to get on to chill. Mind adding me in? :slight_smile:

Long time no see everybody


I’d like to get on that whitelist too :rolleyes:


Added both, PM if have any issues.


I got trapped underneath this church thing at -142, 62, 10. Sorry for breaking some things I’ll replace them when I can




i don’t play often, but i wouldn’t mind being whitelisted :slight_smile:


Crashed when I went to the nether :frowning:
I’m unable to log back in


Yeah I can’t get on either. Waiting on Zuppers or Tom to sort it out.


I’d also like to be whitelisted. I took a break from Minecraft for a while, but I’ve been here from the first Moparscape server and I’ve never caused any problems.