Overclocking Pc Help

Afternoon guiiizz,

So I just built a new PC (my first build) after a very long and confusing time of finding the best parts for my budget (still went over…) I’ve read a bit on overclocking and want to overclock my computer I want to know if any of you here have knowledge in the area and if you could help me a bit and tell me what’s safe, and what’s not as I want it to be a safe clock that isn’t going to burn it out. I’m not looking for stupidly ridiculous overclocks.

Computer Specifications

If you want to help me directly, my Skype is usually always on and is: Jackson.Albusx

Cheers guys.

Get water cooling, then think about it.

my friend got water cooling and it leaked everywhere don’t recommend it

He can overclock with that cooler although that’s an interesting choice he picked. That being said based on his spec list he doesn’t really need to, quietness > overclocks.

@ OP if you ever read this, learn it yourself. You could literally watch a 10 minute video and have the basics of overclocking down. It’s just laziness at this point.