Python/Ruby/Web Dev Questions

I am confused with Ruby and Python and most languages.

  1. Does Python run on Web Browsers?
  2. Does Rugby run on Web Browsers?
  3. Can all programming languages run on Web Browsers?

I want to try to make more Website sided apps with Python because I am pretty sure Python is a good language to use, correct me if I am wrong.

Trying to learn and be adapative :slight_smile:
Thanks Mopar :smiley:

Yes, Python and Ruby run on a web server. Look at things like Sinatra and Ruby on Rails for using Ruby on the web and if you’re looking at Python stuff like Django and Flask are your best bet.

Python isn’t bad but it’s not about what’s a good language and what’s a bad language it’s about the best tool for the job. Think of your languages as a tool inside your toolbox: if you take a small bolt and you’re trying to turn it with a spanner 4 sizes too big - you may get there by wedging it in and wiggling it about but in the end it’s gonna take a fuck load more effort than if you just used the right size of spanner.

Once you dibble and dabble across several languages and focus on how they work you can then choose the best language and then the best framework for the job.

Does that make a bit more sense?

Basically the only thing that can run on web browsers at this moment is javascript. But if you mean what language can generate web pages on servers and send them to web browsers, it’s virtually all languages. Otherwise Ruby had a great answer.