Recurring issue: 502 Bad Gateway error

Just posting this in case you haven’t noticed the issue. It tends to happen when I first try to visit the site, and then it loads successfully when I refresh the page.

That’s odd, is anyone else experiencing this? And any idea about the time of day or anything?

Happened moments ago at approximately 6:45pm AEST (8:45am UTC).

Here’s how it presents after taking a number of seconds to fail to respond to the request:

Is one of the services on your box sleeping or something, and then woken up in time to process subsequent page refreshes?

I have never experienced it. But maybe that’s because I don’t visit this site that often?

I’ve not experienced this issue.

Ran some tests on a couple of VM’s at work (win10 ann & cre, win7 and server 16 to be precise) and they didn’t have the issue either.

If you’re wondering about the VM’s, I’m currently in system test phase and got bored >.>
They were automated tests, but it was all good for me.

Used to get it like a year ago visiting here but never recently.

After all this time I finally got one of these yesterday, I agree with you it almost seems like some cache is being refreshed or something is waking up and not responding to the request in time. Hard to diagnose these kind of issues though, maybe I’ll see if has anything to say about it.

I’ve migrated to a new server with an SSD instead of slow spinning drives, the CPU is a bit faster too, let me know if this error pops up again.

If anything, you should be downscaling for a site consisting of 5 users.

I did, it costs half as much and has half as much ram too, but I host IRC and some other things on this box too. :slight_smile:

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