Reluxious - OS 2005 - Good Vibes Good Times - Old GameFrame


xp rates are perfect, not too easy not too hard.
Join the fun today, you actually make cash by drops, people alch their drops just like the good ol days.


Bump for a good 24/7 server…
Community is amazing, and they have an amazing drop guide, owner knows all the drops and supplies it in a drop guide… enjoy the server…
good vibes good times…


Amazing server, has a very nice community lots of pvm and a nice oldschool feel.

I really recommend this server.

I’m enjoying this server it’s really unique.Here’s some pictures of it,it’s got that old school vibe to it for sure.

Community is growing, come join the fun excitement :slight_smile:

doesn’t work on mac? :frowning:


They just released a forums,nice work… and the server seems to have more new content and has abyssal dagger and cerebrus, sick work…

join for 24/7 no downtime server.

Bump for dicing, staking, eco fun based server

Kinda like it may actually join soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Server has forums and teamspeak join the fun… and an eco hehe :smiley:
Dicing, fun unique bosses that drop skilling gear and loads more, os based!!!
nice 2005 gameframe!!

Client says the server has been updated. Is there a new client to download? Link to the forums would be helpful.