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[CENTER] Great Staff! Hours of Enjoyable Content! (a)
Server Features
Unique Home!
Custom Teleport’s
Amazing Info Tab’s
Bank Tab’s
100% Working Dung!
Prestiging Skill’s individually not just all the skill’s at once
Custom Donatorzone
Loyal Point’s
Vote Point’s
Amazing PK System!
Prestige Point Chest
Comp Cape
Both Dung cape’s
No Bugs/Dupes

- Nex

  • Corp
  • GodWars Dung
  • Custom Monster Tab
  • Novice, Intermediate, Elite and bosses.
  • 100% working Brimhaven Dungeon (axe needed to cut through vine)
  • Dagonnoth Cavern
  • Slayer tower
  • Taverly Dung
  • Glacors Cavern
  • Tormented Demon’s
  • Jadinko Lair
  • Frost Dragon Cave
  • Revenant Dung
  • Polypore Dung
  • Ice Strykewyrms
  • Jungle Strykewyrms
  • Desert Strkyewyrms
  • And more join to see


  • Every single skill works 100%
  • Tons of custom skilling locations
  • Every skill works like its supposed to.


  • Pest Control
  • Barrows
  • Duel Arena
  • Tz-Haar Cave ( includes Firecape and Tok Haar)
    All fully working 100%!