RSC in HTML5 using THREE.js


But couldn’t you just ditch the idea of a cache and just dump all the assets which can be freely edited?


well the cache in its current format can be ditched at some point sure, However caching in general is desireable. I am only keeping the cache in its current format simply for the fact that I need to understand how the engine works to replicate it.


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

This + the upscaling of the textures means a rebirth of RSC. Make this happen!


upscaling will be put as a TODO since everyone seems interested in it. I am still working on the map format if anyone wants to work on this with me that would be great! just fork and push


Still ongoing?

More text required


still ongoing I’ve been having issues with getting the colors correct for map tiles I also still have an issue with models not loading quite right and its very evident when attempting to create a 3d scene so both issues need to be looked at.


Why html5, anyway? Could have used the unity engine and c# (Inb4 anti-microsoft).


I don’t know. why not?


No particular reason. I just imagine using something like unity would be easier on you.


HTML5 can run in any modern browser - it’ll feel like RSC did when it first came out!


Can has yet? :stuck_out_tongue: