Runescape models format converter?

Is there an easy way to convert runescape 3D model .dat files to .fbx or .obj files? Like… an existing tool especially for this?

I already converted all .dat files to the .mqo format by changing a project based on Datmaker’s source a little.

Now I’m stuck with the .mqo files though.
Do I really have to try and write my own .dat/.mqo to .obj converter or do you guys know an existing alternative?

RSMV (RS Model Viewer) has an option to convert models to 3DS I believe.

I think there was another tool similar to RSMV that could also convert them, but I cannot rememember it’s name.

pretty sure RSME exported to mqo and obj

Got my hopes up, but the link is dead and can’t find any mirrors :frowning:

pretty sure i have it on my hdd but no promises. it’s currently 9.10 am and i won’t be home until 5.30 pm to check so i will get back to you when off work

Thank you, kind sir!

Currently I’m readying some documentation about the mqo and obj format to see if I can’t hack together a simple converter myself


My simple MQO to OBJ format converter kind of works I guess!

Here’s an example of importing a Runescape model into Blender and subdividing it:

Now the textures…

damn it looks infinitely better

So, snow. Wanna hand out some models :wink:

Sure, ask and you shall receive :stuck_out_tongue:

Now has materials loading